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Learn more about Councilor Jayme Fowler's proactive leadership to safeguard Tulsa from illegal immigration.

Safe City Ordinance Snapshot

Putting Tulsans First

Tulsa tax dollars should go to Tulsans first. Our needs require a full focus to include solutions for our rising homeless population.

Protecting City Funds

State law prohibits cities from deficit spending. Sudden costs of a migrant crisis could force sharp budget cuts to core city services.

Keeping Tulsans Safe

The illegal immigrant crisis is overwhelming cities across the nation. Tulsa needs proactive leadership to safeguard our City.

Background on Ordinance

Since 2021, over 10 million illegal immigrants have entered the U.S. – roughly two and a half times the population of Oklahoma. Hundreds of cities across the U.S. are seeing their resources overwhelmed as migrants show up en masse. 2023 was ranked the worst year on record for many U.S. cities overwhelmed by migrant arrivals.

The city of Denver, for example, has received over 40,000 new migrant arrivals in the last year alone. Their city shelters, hospitals, and schools have reached breaking points. Denver has already spent $42 million on this crisis, and city spending could reach $180 million by year-end, accounting for ten percent of their annual city budget. 

New York City, as another example, has received over 130,000 migrants last year. NYC Mayor Adams said the city is preparing to make “extremely painful” budget cuts for city services after over $12 billion in spiraling migrant costs. NYC Preschools, Police Departments, and Public Libraries are set to lose tens of millions in funding.

Tulsa is ill-equipped to be a future migrant destination city. Jayme Fowler believes a core role of Tulsa's City Council is to steward city expenditures responsibly and safeguard resources. We must take proactive steps to protect Tulsans from this impending crisis.

The Safe City Ordinance prevents City Funds from being used to house or accommodate illegal immigrants.

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Support Fowler's Safe City Ordinance

Stand with Jayme and show Tulsa's City Council you support common-sense action.

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Watch the Safe City Presentation Providing Important Context About The Ordinance

Rumors & FAQs

  • Who was involved in drafting Safe City?

    This first-of-kind municipal ordinance was drafted by Jayme Fowler, working with the City Attorney of Tulsa. Key insights were provided by Tulsa stakeholders, including attorneys and local Hispanic and Public Safety nonprofits as well as Tulsa business leaders and everyday Tulsans.

  • Would this deny migrants utilities or emergency services, including police, fire, and EMSA?

    No. This ordinance includes language affirming existing constitutional protections, i.e., the 14th Amendment's equal protection clause.

  • When would it go into effect?

    Immediately, if passed. The Safe City Ordinance has an emergency clause.

  • Does this require city officials to check the immigration status of people residing in Tulsa?

    No. The scope is specific to the city treasury, ensuring city funds are not used to benefit illegal immigrants with housing or accommodations. 

  • What about visa holders or DACA recipients?

    This ordinance would not affect them.

  • Will Tulsa lose federal HUD funding if we don't house illegal immigrants?

    No. HUD is prohibited from providing financial assistance to unlawful residents under 42 U.S. Code § 1436a.

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